From the recording Opal Essence (digital download)

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Why does it take a tragic loss
To remind us of our frailty
I don’t want to forget the urgency I feel now

There’s nothing like illness to remind us
Of the pettiness in our complaints
We get so absorbed we lose sight of the meaning

I want the sun upon my face
To fall into the sea’s embrace
To see the color of this life
With every breath

You see I refuse to waste my time
On anything that I don’t love
No matter what the cost is the voice I listen to is mine

I want to shed myself of fear
To cherish love and hold it dear
To see the beauty in the strife
With every breath

I want to live with open eyes
Free of malice free of lies
And to walk a path unpaved
With every breath

I have a friend whose life has always been impaired
Inside her sickness she’s held hostage
But you’ll never meet a person sweeter yet
And more ecstatic to be living

Cause even in the suffering
We find reason still to sing
We should carry gratefulness
With every breath

See underneath my passing tears
What I have learned from all these years
Is that I truly love life so
With every breath